Love Handles Lose Them or Hide Them

Love handles are the little bulges of fat that accumulate just above the hips and to the side of the stomach. Termed love handles due their ability to be grasped by our lover these folds of fat can be quite worrisome to individuals who are self conscious of the fact that they are storing extra fat around their midsection.

Losing stubborn belly fat isn't easy and some people are unfortunately simply more prone to these fat stores. 

There are some individuals who's body type just naturally tends to store fat in the love handle region. Even more concerning is the fact that some people are prone to larger love handles than others.

If you are one of those individuals who are worried about the size of your love handles then be aware that spot reduction does not always work well for reducing these specific folds of fat. Other than cosmetic surgery losing weight is really the only sure fire way to make those nasty old love handles go away.

The good news is that there are a few quick trick…

What Is An Elimination Diet Plan?

An elimination diet plan is a program that removes suspect foods from a persons meal plan in an attempt to discover which food or food groups an individual might have a sensitivity to.

Up to Seventy five percent of the population may have an intolerance to a food that is generally considered safe for human consumption. These food sensitivities may cause nothing more than a mild case of gastrointestinal discomfort to the sufferer but they can also be severe enough to cause harm to one or more of the body's organs.

In some cases the body's reaction to a food sensitivity can cause the development of an immune system response that is so severe it results in the formation of a chronic inflammatory based illness.
It is suspected that some types of autoimmune illness ie: Rheumatoid Arthritis may occur because the body's immune system is rebelling against an allergy or intolerance.

There are many types of health problems which can occur when someone is suffering from an intole…
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